Why You Need Our Butters!

Canada's winter is a harsh reminder that our skin is another needed layer of protection against the cold. However, as much as our skin does for us; keeping our bodies well covered and warm, It is important for us to also protect it by keeping it healthy and, primarily in the winter times, moisturized. Dry and damaged skin is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous and our skin's first function is to keep us protected from external harm. When the skin breaks (due to dehydration) it puts us at risk of irritations and infections which are unpleasant and avoidable. In addition to this threat, our skin comes in all the beautiful varieties and differences that we do. 

As such, our needs vary from one individual to the next in order to keep our skin strong. Butter bar is the solution to all of this because it gives the consumer control. Allowing them to ditch the "excessive products purchase", having to invest in products that partially meet your needs. Instead, every dollar spent with Butter Bar brings value to you and responds to your needs. All the ingredients you want- you get, in one place- healing and protecting the skin that protects you!

Shannon's products have been God-sent! Her products are the missing puzzle to my skincare regime. Keep'em coming!

Mary Andrews
Happy Customer

About Us

Shannon Gittens

store owner

Butter bar was created to produce clean, wholesome, and individualized products. Here we tailor to the businesswoman on the everyday hustle to the child struggling with eczema. 

Butter Bar allows each customer to pick and choose for themselves what ingredients are best for their skin based on the various benefits each ingredient brings. All of the ingredients used at Butter Bar are organic, vegan, and cruelty-free, meaning that it is healthy, simple, and most of all effective. We want to bring quality products at a reasonable price. 

No matter the individual or their tax bracket, we must all take a moment to care for our bodies and the skin we are in. From the smell to the smooth, comforting textures our products will bring you into mindfulness and serenity at every use. 

We at Butter Bar are bringing self-care into the everyday, simple living - for all!


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